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Co-Curricular Activities
Celebration of Vaisakhi & Dastar Bandi Competition

On 13-04-2018 G.H.G Academy, Khandoor celebrated Baisakhi festivel. On this auspicious our School's Principal Madam Mrs. Kirandeep Kaur Deol Planned some competitions and the activities. Celebration was started in the morning assembly. Sawneet Kaur from class 9th gave a speech on Baisakhi and class girls 8th and 9th recited Shabad.The main attraction of the function was Dastar Bandi competition. Boys were very excited to participate so they were divided into groups. Experts were there to choose the winner of competition.

Mrs.Kirandeep Kaur Deol,    Mrs. Navkiranpreet Kaur Grewal and Mr.Bhupinder Singh Grewal 

Recitation Path of Shri Sukhmani Sahib
31 March 2018

On 31 March, 2018 G.H.G Academy Khandoor organized recitation path of Shri Sukhmani Sahib for the begining of new session on this occassion studens of our school and staff members recited Shri Sukhmani Sahib's Path. Our honourable Chairman S.Gurmail Singh Malhi visited on this very occassion and stayed for several time.

Mother Day Celebration
12 May 2018

On 12 May 2018 G.H.G Academy khandoor celebrated Mothers Day. Principal Madam Mrs. Kirandeep Kaur Deol and the director Madam Navkiranpreet Kaur Grewal planned some activities. During the morning assembly "Simranpreet Kaur" Class 10th presented a speech on Mothers Day.

All the students participated in competition very enthusiastically. At the end Respected Principal Madam Kirandeep Kaur Deol  shared her views regarding the importance of mother's in our life and inspired the students to respect their mother. 

Celebration on Martyrdom's Day of Shri Guru Arjan Dev Ji

On 5 June 2018 G.H.G Academy Khandoor celebrated Martyrdom's Day of Shri Guru Arjan Dev Ji. On this day students prepared religious activities:- Recited Moolmantra, Shabdad, Speech and group Shabad. After morning assembly celebration was started. Students performed their activities one by one. 

Judgement was given by Ms. Ramandeep Kaur and Mrs. Rajwant Kaur. Principal Madam Mrs. Kirandeep Kaur Deol appreciated the students and encourage them to participate in more activities and try their best.


Celebration of Miri Piri Diwas
21 July 2018

G.H.G Academy Khandoor Celebrated Miri-Piri Diwas on 21st July 2018 by reciting the path of Jupji Sahib and Sukhmani Sahib. 

Students Started to perform their activities like Moolmantra, Names of Guru's 5 Kakar, Shabad gyan, Names of four Sahibzade, Names of Panj Pyare, Poems and Kavishri's. Quiz competition was also held between the four houses related to Sikh History.At Last, Principal Mrs.Kirandeep Kaur Deol  told the students about the Miri -Piri & about the Sikh history. School Director Madam Navkiranpreet Kaur Grewal gave a detailed speech life of Guru Hargobind Singh Ji and School Manager Mr.Bhupinder Singh Grewal Shared his precious views . At last, prizes to the position holders were given by Principal Madam and director Madam and Manager Sir. As this program was organised at Gurudwara Manji Sahib, Khandoor.At last, Ardass was done & Prasad was given to everyoney.


Hand-writing,Drawing and essay-writing competition
28 July 2018

 On 28th July 2018, G.H.G Academy organised hand-writing, drawing and essay-writing competition from class L.K.G to 10th. This competition was divided into groups and each group had given different topics.


Groups  Classes
Group 1 L.K.G to U.K.G
Group 2 1st  and 2nd
Group 3 3rd to 5th
Group 4 6th to 10th

Principal mam Mrs.Kirandeep Kaur Deol and Director mam Mrs. Navkiranpreet Kaur Grewal had given the duties to all the class-incharges. This competition was held in nineth period.All the class-incharges reported at their respective classes.The competition students performed very well and after the time up,all class-incharges collected the sheets and submitted the sheets.It was such a exciting day.

Celebration of Independence Day and Sawan
15 August 2018

On 15 August 2018 G.H.G Academy Khandoor celebrated Independence Day and Sawan. Principal Mam Mrs.Kirandeep Kaur Deol planned to celebrate this day in a different way. She has given the duties to all the teachers. In this celebration many activities were performed by the students like Shabad Gayan, Dance, Giddha, Bhangra etc.

At the beginning of the day students stood in lines and recited "Mool Mantra" and did "Ardaas" as usual. After that Principal mam  Mrs.Kirandeep Kaur Deol , Director Mam Navkiranpreet Kaur Grewal and Manager Sir Bhupinder Singh Grewal host the "National Flag".After this all the students performed their performance. they all performed very well, but Principal Mam, Director mam and Manager Sir selected some best performance among all the performances regarding "Sawan and Independence Day".

Best Performance

K.G Wing- Manmeet Kaur group from class U.K.g

Primary Wing- Tanvir Kaur and group class 3rd

Vanshpreet Kaur and group class 4th

Sumanpreet Kaur and group  Class 5th

Jasmeen Kaur and group  class 6th and 7th

Middle Wing:- Manpreet Singh and group class 8th

Bhangra :- Boys of class 9th and 10th.

Giddha :- Girls from class 8th to 10th.


Rakhi Making Competition
24 August 2018

                                                Rakhi Making Competition 

On 24th August 2018, G.H.G Academy Khandoor celebrated Rakhi Festivel. To Celebrated this festivel principal Mrs. Kirandeep Kaur Deol organized a competition in which all classes Nursery to 10th have participate.

In this competition students made hand made Rakhi's. All students worked very hard to prepare their Rakhi's. Principal Mrs.Kirandeep Kaur Deol and Director Navkiranpreet kaur Grewal selected best three Rakhi's and appriciated the students by giving them certificates.

Best Rakhi's

K.G. Wing Kiranjot Kaur (Cls-U.K.G)
Primary wing Diljit Singh (Cls-3rd)
Middle Wing Jaspreet Kaur (Cls-8th)


Celebration of First Parkash utsav of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji


On 1st September 2018 G.H.G. Academy Khandoor Celebrated first parkash utsav of shri guru granth Sahib ji. On this very occassion students of Sahibzada Fateh Singh ji house gave speech to give information about the special day's in the assembly.After, all the students and staff assembled in a room to recite the path Shri Sukhmani Sahib.Director Mam Mrs Navkiranpreet Kaur Grewal and Principal Mam Mrs.Kirandeep Kaur Deol started to recite path, to celebrate first parkash utsav of Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji. All the students and staff members joined them. After recited the path Ardaas was done by the student and Prashad was distrubuted among the student's and other members of school. It was a rememberable day for all.

Celebration of Earth Day (2019-20)

On April 22nd April, 2019 Earth day was celebrated by G.H.G Academy Khandoor. On this day students performed some activities. In the morning assembly speech was given house student Gurvir Kaur Class (IXth) and teacher Miss. Amandeep Kaur. Also, Class U.K.G performed a activity under the guidance of Mrs.Rajwant Kaur to give message about "Save trees save earth."

Director Madam Mrs.Navkiranpreet Kaur Grewal and Principal Sir Mr.Vipan Kumar  encouraged the students for their activities and guided the students to save environment by giving the beneficial tips.

On the same day, Story telling and table competitions were held from calss 1st to 10th. Rhymes Competition was held in K.G wing.

Best Performers in Rhymes (Nursery to U.K.G)


1st- Eknoor Kaur

2nd- Harsirat Kaur

3rd- Jasreet Kaur


1st- Vanshdeep Kaur

2nd- Satvir Kaur

3rd- Anmolpreet KAur


1st- Manreet Kaur

2nd- Harjap Singh

3rd- Jasmeen Kaur


Celebration of Mother's Day (2019-20)

On May 10th, 2019 G.H.G Academy Khandoor celebrated Mother's Day. Principal Sir Mr.Vipan Kumar planned some activites to celebrate this day.Firstly in the morning assembly Balraj Singh (Class 9th ),Akashdeep Singh (Class-8th ) and Sameer Sharma (Class-6th) presented their songs and poems. Class L.K.G students presented their dance performance also. After that Mrs. Gurinder Kaur From Sahibzada Ajit Singh ji house presented her speech on Mother's Day. Besides this Principal Mr.Viapn Kumar told the students about the importance of the Mother's Day and guide the students to respect and obey their mothers.

However, in the eighth period hand impression activity from Class L.K.G to 2nd and Card making competition from Class 3rd to 8th were started. At the end, Principal Sir Vipan Kumar selected three cards for the first, second and third position from two groups.

Group  1    -   Class 3rd to 5th

Group  2    - Class 6th to 8th 

         Position holders of Card Making Competition

                             Group   -1st

Position Names Class
1st Gurvir SIngh 3rd
2nd  Gurleen Kaur 5th
3rd  jasnoor Singh 5th


Position Names Class
1st Harmandeep kaur 7th
2nd Jasmeen Kaur 8th
3rd Dapinder Kaur 7th 


Investiture Ceremony (2019-20)

The official ceremony of conferring investing power, to the members of the school concil was organised at G.H.G Academy on 06 May 2019.

                                           The eagerly awaited "Investiture Ceremony" for the academic session 2019-20 was held on 06 May 2019.The chief guests were Mr. Baljit Singh Malhi and Mrs. Inderjit Kaur Malhi. Mr.Vipan Kuamr gave a welcome speech. Then he invited our chief guests, Respected Principal Sir, Manager Sir to come on the stage and handed over the badges and sashes to the newly selected members of school consil. The ceremony was started with Ardass. Then the House consil was started. 

     Then Head Boy - Mr.Goravdeep Singh Grewal and Head Girl - Ms.Hardeep Kaur they were given the whole responsibility of the counsil. 

      At last, all the house counsil member and school counsil's newly selected members took the oath with their flags of pride and promissed to serve the institution and perform their duties whole heartedly and sincerely. The newly selected members were brimming with confidence to shoulder the assigned duties.

      At last, Respected Principal Sir Mr.Vipan Kumar congratulated the council members and encouraged them to display their duties in the ambit of resoluteness and collaboratively to achieve success.

        It was indeed a defining moment for every member of the school cousil body. We believe that these young leaders will uphold the values of school and keep the honour of the foundation school's loftily hoisted.  

                               Supreme Council 

Head Boy:- Mr. Goravdeep Singh Grewal

Head Girl - Ms. Hardeep Kaur .


Home Picnic
28 May 2019

On May 28th, 2019 G.H.G Academy khandoor organised a home picnic in school campus. On this day, Pool Party and different types of swings were arranged in school. They enjoyed the adventure games. Also, students brought the special lunch. From Class Nursery to 8th students participated in it.

However, the Kids of G.H.G. had a cool way of beating the heat as they enjoyed an exciting pool party before they start off with their long summer break.

Students enjoyed a lot with their teachers. It was a very enjoyable and memorable day for everyone.

Celebration of Miri Piri Diwas (2019-20)

G.H.G Academy Khandoor Celebrated Miri-Piri Diwas (Founder's Day of G.H.G Academy)

This day is celebrated every year by the authorities, staff members and students of the G.H.G Academy. To celebrate this day Principal Mr.Vipan Kumar organised a religious program at Gurudwara Manji Sahib Khandoor. Also, the students of G.H.G Academy prepared some activites under the guidance of their teachers.

At first teachers and students recited the path Shri Sukhmani Sahib then students started to perform their activities one by one. Students from class Nursery to 10th were participated and gave their best performances.

School's Ex-director Mrs. Navkiranpreet Kaur Grewal, Ex- Manager S.Bhupinder Singh Grewal, Principal Mr. Deep Kumar Sharma of G.H.G Academy, Jagraon and panchayat members of different villages reached there as guest. Parents of all students were also invited on this special occasion.

Kavishri competition among four houses was also held. They performed their activity by one. Judgement of this competition was given by Ex-director Mrs.Navkiranpreet Kaur Grewal. All guests, manager sir of G.H.G Academy khandoor and jagraon and principal sir Mr.Vipan Kumar rewarded position holders by giving them trophies and appricate them.

Moreover,Ex-Manager Mr.Bhupinder Singh Grewal and Ex Director Mrs.Navkiranpreet Kaur Grewal addressed the students, parents and the other people who were present there.

At last, Principal Mr.Vipan Kumar thanked to all the guests and parents for coming. Then Ardaas was recited by the Granthi Singh.

                     Winners of Kavishri Competition

Position                  House                       Names
1st Sahibzada Fateh Singh Ji House Harkirat Singh, Harmanjot Singh, Armanjot Singh
2nd Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji House Harpal Singh, Akashdeep Singh
3rd Sahibzada Juhar Singh Ji House Hardeep Kaur, Simrandeep Kaur, Sumanpreet Kaur


Celebration of Independence Day & Teej Festival (2019-20)
14 August,2019

Our school G.H.G. Academy, Khandoor celebrated this auspicious day with great enthusiam and proudness on 14th August, 2019. On the same day Teej festival was also celebrated by the school.To celebrate these events every student and teacher contributed towards their preparation. The celebration began with flag hoisting ceremony.

For this programme, Mr.Deep Kuamr Sharma Principal and S. Darshan Singh Senior Manager of G.H.G. Academy, Jagraon were the chief guests and hoisted the flag in the beginning of the celebration. Principal of G.H.G.Academy, Kahndoor Mr.Vipan Kumar, all the staff memebers and students saluted towards the flag.

After the flag hoisting ceremony the cultural program began by reciting the Shabad. Every clas gave atleast one activity to independence Day * Teej Festival. All students performance very well.At last, students took their special lunch and sweet dish brought by them on this special day.

Celebration of Janamashtmi
23 August,2019

G.H.G. Academy, Khandoor celebrated Janamashtmi with all passion and zealous on August 23, 2019. Students of K.G. wing donned the roles of lord Sri Krishna and Gopikas amongest many other characters related to Janamashtmi. They won the soul of spectators of dressing in the attire of Krishna, Gopikas and other various charactors and ecacting their respective roles perfectly.

The event comprised of groups Dance on the life of Krishna by L.K.G and U.K.G, group songs that show the devotion to Krishna marked the event more fun and frolic. It also made awareness about Indian tradition, custom and culture. The event conducted with the message of the Principal Sir Mr.Vipan Kuamr reminded the students about Lord Krihsna's devotion to his master.

Diwali Celebration
22 October, 2019

The celebration of Diwali, the festival of lights, came alive at G.H.G. Academy, Kahndoor on 22 October,2019 when the school wore a festival look with diyas and candles adoring the corridorrs of the school. During the morning assembly students talked about the significance of the festival how good always conquers the avil and also about why and  how Diwali is celebarted across the country.

Furthermore, House Board decoration competition and Rangoli making Competition were held on this day between the four houses.Four students from each house have participated in these competitions. Principal Sir Mr.Vipan Kuamr senstised the students about the ill-effects of crackers.

Winners of the competitions

                          House Board Decoration

1st House ( Sahibzada Zorawar Singh Ji House)

Name of the participants

1. Manjot Singh

2. Sawneet Kaur

3. Jaspreet Singh

4. Anmolpreet Singh

2nd House (Sahibzada Ajit Singh ji House)

1.Pawanjot kaur

2. Jasmeen Kaur

3. Manmohan Singh

4. Sukhman Singh

3rd House (Sahibzada Juhar Singh Ji House)

1. Jaspreet Singh

2. Ranjit Singh

3. Balkaran Singh

                              Rangoli Competition

1st House ( Sahibzada Fateh Singh Ji House)

1. Manvir Kaur

2. Gursimran Kaur

3. Navreet Kaur

4. Simrandeep Kaur

2nd House (Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji House)

1. Pawanjot Kaur

2. Jasmeen Kaur

3. Jasmanjot kaur

4. Jasmeen Kaur 

3rd House (Sahibzada Juhar Singh Ji House)

1. Mehakpreet Kaur

2. Amrinder Singh

3. Sumanpreet Kaur

4. Inderpreet Singh

Celebration Of Basant Panchmi
16 February 2021

On 16th February 2021, Basant Panchmi was celebrated at G.H.G. Academy, Khandoor under the guidance of Director Mrs.Navkiranpreet Kaur Grewal  and Principal Mr. Vipan Kumar. Students participated in Kite Making and Dish Making Competitions.

Celebration Of Baisakhi (2021-22)
13th April 2021

On 13th April 2021, G.H.G. Academy, Khandoor Celebrated Baisakhi festival.Director Mam Mrs. Navkiranpreet Kaur Grewal and Principal Sir Mr. Vipan Kumar Planned some activites to celebrate this day.

Dastar Bandi Competion  (VI-X) (Boys)

Chart Making, Story Telling,Dish Making (VI-VIII)

Speech, Creative Essay Writing,Sakhi, Poster Making (IX-X)

were organised online on that Day. Students performed very nicely in these competitions. Also Punjabi teacher Mrs.Kirandeep Kaur delivered her speech on Baisakhi in Punjabi and Mrs. Navdeep Kaur (English Teacher) delivered her sppech on Baisakhi in English.

Winners of Chart/Poster Making Competition

Sr. No. Name of the students' Class Position
1 Prabhleen Kaur 9th I
2 Harmandeep Kaur Grewal 10th II
3 Harmandeep Kaur 9th III


Celebration of DR. Bhim Rao Ambedkar jayanti
14th April 2021

On 14th April 2021, G.H.G. Academy, Khandoor celebrated Ambedkar Jayanti. Director Mam Mrs. Navkiranpreet Kaur Grewal and Principal Mr. Vipan Kumar Planned some activities to celebrate this day.

Essay Writing & Poster making Competition (VI-VIII)

Speech & Chart Making Competition (IX-X)

were organised online on that day.

Mrs.Navnit Kaur( Teacher) shared her views about this day by giving her speech in English. Students performed very well in these activities.

Winners of Poster/ Chart Making Competition

Sr. No. Students' Name Class Position
1 Purveer Kaur 9th I
2 Prabhleen Kaur 9th II
3 Manpreet Kaur 9th III


Earth Day Celebration
22nd April 2021

On 22nd April, 2021, G.H.G Academy, Khandoor organised some activities to celebrate the "Earth Day". This day celebrated under the guidance of Director mam Mrs. Navkiranpreet Kaur Grewal and Principal Sir Mr. Vipan Kumar.

Students (VI Class) Participated in slogan writing, students (VII-VIII) Participated on Pot making with waste and students (IX-X Class) participated in Hanging garden with plastic waste. Students performed in these activities while staying at home due to Covid-19 restrictions. They performed quite well. Every activity was conduceted online. Director mam and Principal Sir encouraged the students for their active participation.

Parkash Purab of Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji
30th April 2021

On 30th April, 2021, G.H.G. Academy, Khandoor organised some activities to celebrate the Parkash Purab of Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji. This day celebrated under the guidance of Director mam Mrs. Navkiranpreet Kaur Grewal and Principal Sir Mr. Vipan Kumar.

Students ( From VI-X) participated in reciting shabad related with Shri Guru Teg Bahadur ji and creative writing in Punjabi language (theme of writing is poem, shabad, sakhi and essay related with Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji. As every activity conducted online, students performed in these while staying at home due to Covid-19 guidelines. They performed quite well. Director Mam and Principal Sir encouraged the students for their participation.



Sr. No. Name Class Acitivity Position
1 Gurneer Singh 9th  Poem 1st 
2 Divjot Kaur 6th  Poem 2nd 
3 Gurleen Kaur 8th  Poem 3rd 


World Athletics Day Celebration (2021-22)
7th May 2021

On 7th May, 2021, G.H.G. Academy, Khandoor organised some yoga activities to celebrate World Athletics Day. This day celebrated under the guidance of Director Mam Mrs. Navkiranpreet Kaur Grewal and Principal Mr. Vipan Kumar.

Students from (VI-XI) Classes participated in various yoga exercises such as Dhanur Asan, Tadasana and so on. Students participated in these activities while staying at home due to covid-19 guidelines. They performed quite well. Also Mr. Talwinder Singh (PET) teacher shared their views regarding this day through a speech. Students also felt so relaxed after doing such type of exercises.

Principal sir and Director Mam encouraged the students for their active participation

Mother's Day Celebration
9th May 2021

On 9th May, 2021, G.H.G. Academy, Khandoor organised some activities to celebrate" Mother's Day ". This day celebrated under the guidance of Director Mrs. Navkiranpreet Kaur Grewal and Principal Sir Mr. Vipan Kumar.

Students Participated in letter writing, preparing scrap book & chart, preparing a choreography with their mothers. Also some teachers of G.H.G Academy, Khandoor showed their love towards their mother by making special videos. All the above mentioned activities were conducted online due to covid-19 guidelines . Director Mam also wrote poem" Tere Bhajo" to express her love to her mother. Director mam and Principal Sir encouraged the students as well as teachers for their active participation.

World No Tabacco Day
31st May, 2021

On 31st May, 2021, G.H.G. Academy, Khandoor celebrated "World No Tabcco Day". It was a house wise competition for teacher. One creative activity was prepared by teachers.The competition was held in school campus. Mrs. Navkiranpreet Kaur Grewal (Director of G.H.G. Academy, Khandoor), Mr. Amritpal Singh and Mrs. Bnadna Joshi were the judges of this competition . All the teachers prepared their activities in a creative way i.e. they made charts as well as speeches.

Mr. Vipan Kumar (Principal of G.H.G. Academy, Khandoor) and Director mam Mrs. Navkiranpreet Kaur grewal encourged the teachers for their active participation. 

World Environment Day
4th June 2021

 On 5th June, 2021, G.H.G. Academy, Khandoor celebrated "world Environment Day".An inter house English creative writing competition (story or poem) was conducted.Two teaches from each house group participated in this competition.

Principal Sir Mr. Vipan Kumar and Director mam Mrs. Navkiranpreet Kaur Grewal encouraged the active participation of teachers. Also, Mr. Jaswant Singh and Mr. Talwinder Singh organised the tree plantation in school campus under the guidance of Director Mam and Principal Sir by conveying the message to plant more and more trees in order to control the environmental issues. 

International Yoga Day
21 June, 2021

On 21st June, 2021, G.H.G Academy, Khandoor celebrated "International Yoga Day". This Day was celebrated through online activities performed by students as well as teachers. Students participated in numerous yoga Asans. Teachers participated in housewise slogan writing competition.

Mrs. Bandna Joshi overall coordinator  planned all these activities. Principal Sir Mr. Vipan Kumar & Director mam Mrs. Navkiranpreet Kaur Grewal encourged the active participation of students as well as teachers.

Miri-Piri Diwas ( Founder's Day)
19 July 2021

On 19th July , 2021 G.H.G. Academy, Khandoor Celebrated its Founder's Day and Miri-Piri Diwas of Shri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji at Gurudwara Manji Sahib, Khandoor. Director mam Mrs. Navkiranpreet Kaur Grewal & activities coordinator planned all activities of this day. the commencement of this day was started by reciting Sukhmani Sahib and Shabad Gayan. After that, students & teachers of this academy showed gratitude towards Shri Guru Hargobind Sahib ji by delivering speeches, sakhi's, songs, poems and kaveshri. Principal Sir Mr. Vipan Kumar welcomed all the people who were present in Gurudwara sahib. Director mam also shared her valuable views through her speech. After that, manager Sir Mr. Bhupinder Singh Narangwal thanked all the people through his speech.

In the end, Community food (tea with biscuits) served among the people.

Parkash Utsav of Shri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji
28 July 2021

On  28th July, 2021, G.H.G. Academy, Khandoor celebrated the parkash Purab of Shri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji. Akashdeep Singh student of 10th class and Jasvir Singh Grewal Student of +1 (Non-medical) delivered sakhi's related with Shri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji. Director Mam Mrs. Navkiranpreet Kaur and Principal Sir Mr. Vipan Kumar also shared their precious views regarding this day.

Martyrdom Day of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev Thapar and Shivaram Rajguru.

On 23rd March, 2022, GHG Academy Khandoor Saluted the Martyrdom dya of Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru.

A revolutionary event was held in the school campus. Addressing the children on the occasion, the head of the academy, Mr.Vipan Kumar said that the martyrs are the capital of the nations, our great martyrs to liberate us from freedom by making great sacrifices in his playing age.  Director mam Mrs.Navkiranpreet Kaur Grewal also coveyed the message of coming forward youth to create the society of martyr's dreams.

World Health day
09 April 2022

         World Health Day -  The World Health Day was observed on 7th April 2022 in GHG Academy Khandoor by the health club. The Goal was to instil in students the importance of maintaing good health and to educate them about general principles of health and hygiene, immunisation against diseases and many more facts crucial to remaining physically fit. Various activities were organized for the students.

KG Wing- Students  brought healthy food in their lunch boxes.

Primary Wing:- Students brought their favaurite food on this day.

6th to +2- Participated in a poster making competition on the theme of health is wealth and Bunk the junk.


Baisakhi ,Ambedkar Jayanti and Fresher's Party
15 April 2022

GHG Academy, Kahndoor school organised a function to celebrate ambedkar Jayanti, Baisakhi and fresher's Party for new comes in the school campus on 13th April 2022. It commenced with a recitation of a path of shri Sukhmani Sahib Ji. to add colour to the celebration, new students enthralled the audience with melodious folk solo song and folk dance bhnagra. Students presented poems and their views on Baisakhi and Dr.B.R. Ambedkar. Turban Competition was also held in the school campus.

School Principal Mr.Vipan Kumar greeted everyone and highlighted the sacrifices made by our national heroes and common men for their country at jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar on this Day.

Director, Mrs.Navkiranpreet Kaur Grewal enlightened the young audience of the foundation of Khalsa Panth.

Mother's Day Celebration

Mother’s Day Celebration

Mother’s Day was celebrated at GHG Academy Khandoor on 7 May 2022 with great fervor and joy. A host of performances were planned to  honor and appreciate all mothers. The venue was aptly decorated in keeping with the theme. Heartwarming feelings filled the air with intimacy, appreciation and acknowledgement. The audience was entertained by  myriad presentations. Speeches, dance performances and choreography were brought their mother’s favorite food on this day. There were some activities for the mother’s like:- Pick the chit, talent Hunt and musical Chair. Best 3 active mothers got the prizes and crowns.

Final Result 



Students Name

Mother’s name


Avjotkeerat Kaur

Mrs.Jatinder Kaur


Sameer sharma

Mrs.Poornima Sharma


Komalpreet Kaur

Mrs.Gurwinderjit Kaur


Summer Camp
08 june 2022

Activities (6th to 9th Class)

From 1st June,2022 6th June, 2022, GHG Academy, Khandoor organised "Summer Camp" for Nursery to 9th classes. All the staff members and students from classes Nursery to 9th enthusiastically participated in the school camp. The duration of the camp was 1 hour from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM and chiselled cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains of students.

Day-1 (1 June 2022)

Activities:- Basic skills of knitting (Girls)

Turban Knotting (Boys)

Stone Decoration 

Flameless Cooking (Boys)

Bird Feeder (Girls)

During the current pandemic days, an innovative initiative was taken by the principal and teachers of GHG Academy, Khandoor to refresh and rejvente the young impressionable minds with creative amazing activities to save birds and serve humanity. this activity aimed at honing creative potentialities of students to respect Bio-diversity. Basic training regarding stiching of clothes were performed by the girls.Students also decorate the stones in different shapes like egg, watermelon etc.

Day-2 Martyrdom Day of Shri Guru Arjan Dev Ji (2nd June 2022)

On 2nd June, 2022 GHG Academy Khandoor soluted the martyrdom day of Shri Guru Arjan Dev Ji.

On this day, staff members and students from 6th to 10th class,reciting Path of Shri Sukhmani Sahib ji and shabad Gayan. After that students and teachers showed gratitude towards shri guru Arjan Dev Ji by delivering speeches, sakhis,religious songs and poems.

Day-3 One Day Trip to wonderland (4th June,2022)

Trips and excursion impart new insights and experience and expand the horizontal of the students substanding the some ideas, our school organized trip to wonderland jalandhar for 5th to +2 grade students.

Day-3 World Environment Day (4th June,2022)

The biggest threat to nature is the belief that someone else will save it. A pletthora of activities were conducted to spread this message. Staff members perform. Street play on World environment Day.

Day-4 (6th June 2022) Maths quiz competition, Quiz

With an objective to explore world of mathematics, quiz competition for 6th to 8th class were conducted at GHG Academy, Khandoor. The students of 6th to 8th Class displayed the spectrum of awareness and intelligence as they answered the quiz master with all their with a view to enhance the desigining and crative skills of the students.