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Smart Classes

Tata Edge Smart Classes

The coming together of technology and education has brought a world of difference in teaching, which is no longer conined to the four-walled room. Classrooms in education institutions inching Towards modernism. Electronic gadgets like laptops, computers, projectors, smart-board (E-TECS), CDS and DVS are fast becoming part of everyday education.

In G.H.G. Academy smart class provided by Tata Edge solutions Limited working successfully in the school since 2010. The research and development team provides the modules from tiny tots to senior classes.

  • The 3-D animated contents are very helpful to clear the concepts to the children and lead to greater grasping and learning.
  • Smart class program makes the class room sessions very interesting and interactive.
  • With smart class, the learning has moved from a fact-focused process to a cognitive one, focusing on critical thinking and problem solving beyond class-room notes where students are encouraged to take the lead and not just follow.
  • These new tools surely put rote learning to rest, giving way to logical and reason based education system.