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Sports Achievements
Sports Day
25 January 2019

On 25th and 26th January 2019 Sports day (Athletic Meet) was organised at G.H.G Academy Khandoor. All the events for ths day planned by Director Madam Mrs.Navkiranpreet Kaur Grewal. On this Special Day, S.Jasbir Singh Deol invited as Chief guest. He hosted the national flag on 26th January(Republic Day).

The whole school was divided into three groups 1st  group :- 1st to 4th class and 2nd group :- 5th to 7thand 3rd group 8th to 10th. Division was same for Girls and Boys .all the four houses and all classes participated very enthusiastically. 

Names of Position Holders

Groups 1st (5th to 7th) (100 m Race)


A. 1st- Anmol Singh (Class 7th)

B. 2nd-Gurpal Singh (7th)

C. Harpal Singh        (7th)


1st-Jaismeen Kaur (Class 7th)

2nd- Navneet Kaur (Class 6th)

3rd- Khushpreet Kaur (Class 5th)

                                     Group 2nd (8th to 10th) 200 m Race


1st- Gurmeet Singh (10th)

2nd- Harkirat Singh (9th)

3rd- Anmol Singh   (9th)


1st-Jaismeen Kaur (Class-9th)

2nd- Navreet Kaur (Class-8th)

3rd- Lovepreet Kaur (Class-8th)

                    Group I (5th-7th) Long Jump   (Boys)

1st-Gursimarn Singh (Class -6th)

2nd-Gurpal Singh (7th Class)

3rd- Jaspreet Singh (5th)

                            Group II (8th-10th)    (Girls)

 1st- Mehakpreet Kaur (Class-7th)

 2nd- Arpita     (Class-6th)

 3rd- Dapinder Kaur  (Class-7th)

                                       Group I (5th-7th) Shot Put   (Boys)

1st- Arshpreet Singh (Class-7th)

2nd-Armanjot Singh (Class-7th)

3rd-Prabhdeep Singh (Class-6th)


1st-  Prabhjot Kaur (Class-6th)

2nd- Khushpreet Kaur (Class-5th)

3rd- Prabhleen Kaur (Class-6th)

                            Group I (5th-7th) Discuss Throw  (Boys)

1st- Arshpreet Singh (Class 7th)

2nd- Anmol Singh (Class-7th)

3rd- Gurpal SIngh (Class-7th)


1st- Jaismeen Kaur (Class-6th)

2nd- Mehakpreet Kaur (Class-7th)

3rd- Jasimeen Kaur (Class-7th)

                  Group II (8th-10th) Discuss Throw (Boys)

1st- Gurmeet Singh (Class-10th)

2nd- Goravdeep Singh (Class-9th)

3rd-Arshdeep Singh  (Class-10th)


1st- Navreet Kaur    (Class-8th)

2nd-Jaspreet Kaur   (Class-8th)

3rd-Hardeep Kaur   (Class-9th)

Recreational Games


Ballon Race

1st- Mansirat Kaur

2nd- Satvir Kaur

3rd-Ramanjot Kaur


Frog Race

1st- Arshveer Singh

2nd- Harjap Singh

3rd- Karanveer Sharma


Frog Race

1st-Jaskaran Singh

2nd- Sukhmanpreet Singh

3rd- Balraj Singh

                                                             Sack Race

Class 1st to 3rd

1st - Simarpreet Singh (Class 3rd)

2nd- Vishavpreet Singh (Class-3rd)

3rd- Arshdeep Kaur (Class-3rd)

At the end of the events, prizes were given to the position holders by Director Madam and parents of the students were also present there. Tehy enjoyed the events. At the end Giddha and Bhangra was performed by the Giddha Girls and Bhangra Boys.




Sports Day
14 November 2017

On 14-11-2017 Sports Day was held in G.H.G Academy.All the events for athletic meet planned by Principal Mam Mrs. Kirandeep Kaur Deol. Division was same for Girls and Boys .All the four houses and all classes participated very enthusiastically. 

Events on Sports Day

  • Assembly of Athletes 
  • March Pass
  • Oath Ceremony
  • Hundred Mtr.Race
  • 200 Mtr.Race, 400 Mtr.race
  • Long jump
  • Hurdle race 
  • relay race
  • Tug Of War

Recreational Races 

Three leg race

Sack Race

Lemon Race

rope skipping for girls

Position Holders of 100 Meter Race

Boys under-17 

1st- Gurmeet Singh (Class-9th)

2nd- Harjot Singh (Class-10th)

3rd- Harjot Singh (Class-9th)


1st - Manvir Kaur (Class-8th)

2nd-Jasmeen Kaur (Class-8th)

3rd- Hardeep Kaur (Class-8th)

Under -14 (Girls)

1st- Arpita (Class-5th)

2nd- Khushpreet Kaur (Class-4th)

3rd- Prabhleen Kaur (Class-5th)


1st- Jasnoor Singh (Class-3rd)

2nd- Amanpreet Singh (Class-3rd)

3rd- Taranvir Singh (Class-3rd)

Under 17  200 Mtr.race position Holders

1st- Harjot Singh (Class-10th)

2nd-Ajaypreet Singh (Class-9th)

3rd-Rachpal Singh (Class-10th)


1st-Dapinder Kaur (Class-6th)

2nd- Sukhpreet Kaur (Class-7th)

3rd- Jasmeen Kaur (Class-7th)


1st- Anmolpreet Singh (Class-6th)

2nd-Anmol Singh (Class-8th)

3rd- Harpal Singh (Class-6th)


1st- Tanvir Singh (Class-4th)

2nd- Himanshu Singh (Class-4th)

3rd- Vishavpreet Singh (Class-5th)

400 Mtr.race position Holders (Under 17) Boys

1st- Harjot Singh (Class-10th)

2nd- Harjot Singh (Class-9th)

3rd- Ajaypreet Singh (Class-10th)

(Under 14) 400 Mtr.Race position holders (Boys)

1st- Anmol Singh (Class-6th)

2nd- Ranjit Singh (Class-8th)

3rd- Jasman Singh (Class-8th)

Shot Put Position Holders (Under -17) (Boys)

1st- Rachpal Singh (Class-10th)

2nd- Gursharandeep Singh (Class-10th)

3rd-Jasmeet Singh    (Class-9th)

Shot Put Position holders (Under-14) Boys

1st- Goravdeep Singh (Class-8th)

2nd-Jasvir Singh (Class-7th)

3rd- Manpreet Singh (Class-7th)

Long Jump Position holders (under-17) (Boys)

1st-Harjot Singh (Class-9th)

2nd-Harjot Singh (Class-10th)

3rd-Rachpal Singh (Class-9th)

Long Jump Position Holders (Under-14) Boys

1st- Jasvir Singh (Class-7th)

2nd- Anmol Singh (Class-6th)

3rd- Manpreet Singh (Class-7th)

Long jump Position Holders (under-14) Girls

1st- Jasmeen Kaur  (Class-7th)

2nd- Simranpreet Kaur (Class-7th)

3rd- Jaspreet Kaur (Class-7th)

Discuss Throw Position Holders (Under-17) Boys

1st- Rachpal Singh (Class-10th)

2nd-Harjot Singh (Class-10th)

3rd- Ajaypreet Singh (Class-9th)

Discuss Throw position Holders (Under-14) Boys

1st- Goravdeep Singh (Class-8th)

2nd-Manpreet Singh (Class-7th)

3rd-Ranjit Singh (Class-8th)

Interhouse Games

Relay Race position holders:-

1st- Sahibzada Juhar Singh ji House

2nd- Sahibzada Zorawar Singh ji House

3rd- Sahibzada Ajit Singh ji House

Hurdle Rcae Posiion Holders

1st- Sahibzada Juhar Singh Ji House

2nd-Sahibzada Ajit Singh ji House

3rd-Sahibzada Fateh Singh ji House

At the end of the events, prizes were given to the position holders by Principal Madam and parents of the students were also present there.They enjoyed the events. Position holders were awarded with gold medal and silver also with the certificates by principal Madam Mrs.Kirandeep Kaur Deol..